What is CSF?

Responsibly produced cotton, traceable every step of the way.

Traceable - Sustainable - European

We wanted clothes that are good, so we created a process where quality, sustainability and responsibility are incentivised (and verified!) at every step in the proces.

We have created a label that really means something and CSF means good cotton!

Certified Sustainable FiberMax® (CSF) cotton is the socially equitable,economically viable, environmentally responsible cotton choice.

CSF Details

Philosophy, implementanion bodies and cooperations.

Expansion of the program CSF to the production of CSF Yarn, in cooperation with local spinning mills industry

CSF Upper program includes exclusiveny FiberMax Carla, Fiona and Elsa varieties

Here you can find all the important information regarding the FiberMax® cotton varieties.

 BASF Hellas SA

BASF Hellas SA