CSF is a label with real meaning.

Today’s customers expect fairness and transparency. They want to know who and what they are supporting with their money. The CSF label means good cotton that everyone can be proud of, from the farmer to the final customer.

Uncompromising Quality

  • FiberMax® seeds provide impressive fiber quality (length, strength, low short-fiber-index), with high GTO
  • Participating farmers are financially incentivized to prioritize quality
  • Strict certification process and external auditing help make sure that quality always meets expectations

Unlimited Possibilities

  • The CSF Program is growing: we now have 6x the farmers, cover 6x the land, and produce 6x the number of certified cotton bales compared to 2015. We are ready for long-term commitments and have the potential to expand to meet the needs of growing brands

  • Participating farms are economically viable, with real benefits offered to the farmers, which helps ensure long-term participation. Some of our partner farms in Greece have been in the project since the beginning six years ago. Many have used FiberMax® seeds for more than 20 years!

  • More than 1,600 farms participating in Greece and nearly 4,500 fields!
    And more farmers will join when well-known brands join the CSF program.

  • Future CSF programs are planned in Turkey and Spain

Unwavering Commitment to our social and environmental goals

  • Sustainable, socially-conscious farming is at the core of the project. This will never change.
  • Our certification process assesses not only quality, but also adherence to environmental, social, and safety requirements of the program.
  • Environmental and social measures are always achieved while maintaining economic viability of the farms.

Unrivaled storytelling potential

  • Shareable metrics and successes
  • Real, understandable actions that can be included in a brand marketing story
  • Compelling label story: the FiberMax® seed brand has existed for more than 20 years in Europe. The CSF certification process in its current form has existed for 6 years


I am passionate about growing my cotton responsibly. I care for the soil to keep the fertility level healthy and stable. That is why I decided to grow cotton following the CSF sustainable cotton program and have done for six years now! Practices such as crop rotation, cover crops and soil analysis contribute to healthy soil and we need to care about our land. We owe it to our children. I am proud to produce an ex-cellent cotton in a responsible and sustainable way, leaving the land for the next generation.

There is a high value chain demand to work with cotton that has exceptional characteristics – a differentiator from conventional cot-ton. We are a 3rd generation family business and it is important to keep sustainability as a top priority for our business. We are working with BASF and the CSF program since it was launched. The values of such a program have helped us to meet the increasing demand by our value chain customers, for a high quality, sustainable and traceable cotton. This must be a win-win business for all partners in the program. That is why we give a premium back to the farmer for the excellent quality of their cotton and their commitment to grow cotton sustainably respecting the CSF protocol to the letter!

Our customers’ demand has changed a lot during the last few years. The need for transparent, sustainable and traceable products is increasing a lot and working with CSF cotton as the basis of our products, gives us a competitive advantage in our market. It is vital in our business to keep quality as a top priority for our customers and the excellent technical characteristics of CSF cotton contribute to the production of a premium quality yarn AND we get the sustainability values as a bonus!